Age of Conan’s game director Craig Morrison took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us and discuss the next major content patch for the game, Update 6. See what he had to say below.When fighting with Conan, will players have to protect him during battle, or is he more of a guide? Will he join the party, or take on the hordes by himself?

I don’t want to give away too much there! Part of the fun for the players will be getting to see just how Conan will involve himself with their struggle against Toth Amon so afraid I am going to steer clear of spoilers there!

What incentives do guilds have to try and get to the top of the rankings in guild renown?

Guild Renown opens up a lot of new rewards and options for guilds. Access to new exclusive quests, a new PVP arena as well as new ways to decorate your guild city are just some of the rewards. We have tried to make the rewards a little interesting as well. So while we have some of the more standard rewards you might expect we have also tried to throw in a few things that are more fun and involving like the quests and the arena.

Will this be the last big update before Rise of the Godslayer?

It will most likely be the last major update yes. We will be doing smaller updates in between, as well as some preparations that will be required in advance of the expansion itself.
Will there be new PvP rewards in the new arenas?

The arenas are just for fun and getting to challenge your friends in an environment you can control. The arenas are a reward in themselves so there aren’t any direct rewards for the fights themselves (apart from bragging rights amongst your friends of course. That alone shouldn’t be underestimated I think, at least if you like a little bit of friendly competition!).
Do you have plans to extend the Guild Renown?

Yes for sure, it is the type of system that lends itself well to future expansion. There will be new rewards added into the mix in future updates I am sure.

Is there any feature that you’ve seen in other MMOs recently that you think would go nicely in AoC?

There is always a long list of things that would be nice to add! Not just from other titles but also from the player suggestions and from the ideas the team come up with.

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