Exoplanetary exploration game EXO ONE Kickstarter launches

A Kickstarter campaign has just launched for a surreal exploration game called EXO ONE. The development team is looking to raise AU$ 35,ooo to get the job done.

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EXO ONE is described as an exoplanetary exploration game developed by Jay Weston and his studio Exbleative. In the game, players are tasked with piloting an alien craft that can manipulate the laws of gravity. The movement of the craft will allow players build momentum and explore exoplanets and “follow the story of mankind’s first, ill-fated mission outside the solar system.”

Games that have influenced Jay and the team include Tiny Wings (iOS), Journey (PS3), and Tribes Ascend (PC). It all sounds and looks rather trippy.

“As you traverse these planets, an otherworldly, reverberating, electric guitar-laden soundtrack plays, while a far-future historian narrates and presents clues as to what happened during humanity’s first, ill-fated mission outside the solar system.”

As players progress on their journey, the story unfolds through narration and “strange encounters”. EXO ONE is expected to arrive on Steam early in 2018 and it’s visually stunning as you can see from the trailer below.

EXO ONE Features

  • It’s all about the exhilaration of movement. Increase the gravity of EXO ONE to send it rocketing toward the ground, hitting a downslope to build energy before launching off hillsides and soaring into the air and through thunderclouds.
  • A simple, yet evocative and mysterious story, told by voice-over narration. Players are left to contemplate strange and perplexing events as they move from planet to planet.
  • 12 procedurally generated, endless, open alien worlds to traverse. Choose your own path, go in any direction. Landscapes are crafted for their beauty as well as their form, to allow maximum satisfaction of movement.
  • A wide array of alien worlds, from terrestrial (desert, sand, rock) to water planets, to gas giants and more. Each has its own unique geology, providing you new, otherworldy playgrounds, with different landforms, atmospheres, skyscapes and other features.
  • The mysterious craft that is EXO ONE. Master the movement, discover its quirks and uncover new abilities as you progress.
  • Visually striking graphics, with vivid colors and dense atmospherics puts you right on the surface of space’s wildest locations.
  • A reverberating, ambient, and electric guitar laden soundtrack by Rhys Lindsay completes the meditative and entrancing experience of EXO ONE.

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