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Experience real airport life with AVIAR Airport Ground Handling Simulator

The no-flying flight simulator.

The world of flight simulation hass plenty of different entries that offer a wealth of experiences. But one often overlooked part of flight simulation is the action that takes place on the ground of an airport. Aviar’s new Airport Ground Handling Simulator seeks to fill that gap.

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Putting players in the gloves of a rea ground operator, this very different kind of “flight” sim seeks to teach all the intricacies that go into getting an aircraft ready for its next journey well before take-off.


Check, check, and check again

This upcoming VR sim will cover aircraft marshalling, cargo operations, refueling, safety checks and more. Aviar is taking a modular approach by featuring various aspects of the experience as additional paid packages that will release over time. The Starter Pack will feature Pre-Arrival Ramp Checks, Aircraft Marshalling, Ground Support Equipment Connections, Aircraft Cargo Doors Operations, and Pre-Departure Checks.

Each scenario will offer missions in different weather and lighting conditions, and they will all have a great effect on how you’ll need to handle operations. Additionally, there will be training and exam modes for each of these scenarios.

Airport Ground Handling Simulator is actually derived from a professional piece of software developed by Aviar that some real-life airports actually use for training. The game seeks to provide a more streamlined experience that allows users to have a little more fun all while retaining a degree of realism.

The sim also promises to be compatible with any PC-ready VR headset. So, if your setup can handle a VR title now, then you’ll soon be suiting up for this game as well.

Airport Ground Handling Simulator will take to the ground below in August 2022. No pricing details have released just yet, but it’s Steam page is live and you can wishlist the sim now.

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