Has Fable: Legends forgotten what made Fable great?

These days, when you think of RPG’s, you probably think of Mass Effect, Skyrim, Fallout, and Dragon Age. There was a time however when the biggest RPG around was the highly anticipated Fable. Since 2004’s Fable, the franchise has taken a bit of a beating what with the lukewarm reception to Fable 3 and Fable’s Kinect game Fable: The Journey. Developers Lionhead are hoping to change all this with Fable: Legends, a multiplayer Fable game that allows players to take one another on as heroes and villains.

Unfortunately, IGN’s Ryan Mccaffrey, who has had a hands on experience with the game, feels it may have lost sight of what made Fable great. In this article written by Ryan and published by IGN, you can read Ryan’s concerns about the lack of customisation and charm. You can read his article right HERE.

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