Fall Guys is moving to the Epic Games Store as a free to play game in June

Fall Guys Free June Epic Games Store

Developer Mediatonic has announced via livestream that Fall Guys is going free this June — but there’s a caveat to the news. Fall Guys is leaving the Steam store at that time, which means new players will have to migrate to the Epic Games Store. After June 21, the game will no longer be purchasable on Valve’s storefront. However, prior owners won’t be bumped to the sidelines.

Fall Guys will no longer be downloadable for new players once it stumbles off Steam. Those who own the game will still get new patches, seasons, and the typical updates, though. But if you’re new and want throw down in the Blunderdome after that day, you’ll have to get the game on Epic’s store.


“PlayStation and Steam players who already have a copy of Fall Guys will continue to receive all the usual updates (such as new seasons, patches and fresh features) that you’d expect,” reads the announcement. “However, new players will no longer be able to download Fall Guys on Steam—if you’re new to Fall Guys and would like to play on PC, you can visit the Epic Games Store and download the launcher there. Wherever you choose to play Fall Guys (including Steam), you’ll be able to launch and stumble towards victory across platforms.”

Here comes a new challenger

For the most part, that’s not a big deal. Those who already own the two-year-old game on Steam will still be able to boot it up and play with everyone no matter the platform. With Fall Guys, erm, falling onto the Epic Games Store, that’ll also mean plenty of new beans to beat to the crown. And Fall Guys will be free, no longer asking for the $19.99 USD price tag. Those who have purchased the game before it goes free on June 21 will get a Legacy Pack with cosmetics.

The game’s seasons are also getting a reboot and is starting fresh with Season 1. It’s included in the Legacy Pack, and will come with 100 levels of unlockable rewards, such as cosmetics. With the game going free, naturally that means premium currency has entered the arena. Show-Bucks can be purchased and used to buy the Season Pass, if you so choose. Getting to level 100 in the new pass will also allow you to unlock the next one. There will be a different progression path if you don’t buy the Season Pass.

Mediatonic is offering more rewards for pre-registering to play Fall Guys on the Epic Games Store. Pre-registration milestones begin at 500,000 signees, who will earn a “Melonhead” costume if it reaches 2.5 million.

Fall Guys Free June Epic Games Store Register Rewards

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