Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout guide – Jump to a Hex-A-Gone win

Fall Guys Hex A Gone Tips

In Fall Guys, I love it when I get Hex-A-Gone as the final, because I’m confident I can win it. Fall Mountain and Tail Tag often require a bit of luck to win. With Hex-A-Gone, you can win if you play well. Here’s one strategy, a jumping technique, and a diving trick to help you win the Fall Guys Hex-A-Gone final.

Don’t run, jump

Let’s start with the Fall Guys Hex-A-Gone jumping technique, because it will help you win more than any other tip. The faster you move from one hex to another in this final, the faster the floor falls away beneath you. Every time a hex platform falls, you have one less life-saving place to stand.

So, the trick to winning Hex-A-Gone is to jump from hex to hex, instead of running. You travel much slower and therefore cause fewer hexes to fall. Just find a space for yourself where there are a lot of hexes left and slowly make your way across them all.

Hex A Gone Jump Technique

Here’s the jumping technique in action.


You can easily jump over a gap left by one hex platform. However, sometimes you need to get some extra distance and clear a gap left by two hex platforms. In that case, you can jump and then dive to get the extra reach you need. You will still have enough time to stand up and continue using the jumping technique before the hex you dive to falls away.

Hex A Gone Dive Trick

You can’t jump theses gaps, but you can use the diving trick to clear them.

The Fall Guys Hex-A-Gone strategy

Using the two tips above, you can give yourself a much better chance of outlasting your opponents in Hex-A-Gone. You just need to find a section with enough hex platforms for you to slowly make your way across. Plus, you need to hope no one comes near you and steals your platforms. Also, if you manage to stay on higher platforms a lot longer than your opponents, you run the risk of falling multiple levels when you eventually run out of hex platforms to jump to.

So, here’s a strategy that I have found works really well. Instead of trying to stay on the higher levels for as long as possible, drop down to the lower levels early on. While the other players try to stay up top, you can run around the lower levels and remove large sections of platforms. When your opponents do fall to your levels, they will struggle to find platforms to land on.

Create Large Gaps Low Down For Opponents To Fall Through

I created a large gap in the center and so did the player below me. The pink bean in the image was above me for the whole round, but getting eliminated before me.

I like to drop to the third or second-to-last platform and make big holes in the center. Then I run across platforms and create long thin lines of hexes that I can use to keep myself from falling once the other players drop down. In the image above, the player below me is using the same strategy.

That’s it. That’s how you win the Fall Guys Hex-A-Gone final. As with all Fall Guys rounds, it often requires a little bit of luck. Fortunately, these tips will help you improve your chances of winning. If you’d like some more help with winning Fall Guys, you can find a load of tips, tricks, techniques, and shortcuts for the other Fall Guys stages on our guides hub.

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