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They say more money equals more problems, and the troubles which Mediatonic faced during the launch week of Fall Guys is testament to that. The servers weren’t nearly ready for the droves of eager players that logged on to play the multiplayer party game. Many players expressed their frustrations on social media platforms like Twitter, while some even review-bombed the game.

Mediatonic has things under control now, but it was a hard lesson learned despite the thrills of commercial success. The developer already apologized, but now it wants to do more for all of its newly-earned fans. To set things right, everyone that bought and played Fall Guys on the first week of release will receive some free gifts. Behold the Fall Guys Prickles skin, which is fusion between a jellybean and cactus, and enjoy 5,000 Kudos of in-game currency.

Looking good, my guy

It’s nice to see the approach that the developer is taking moving forward. Considering how the game is experiencing overwhelming success and popularity, Mediatonic can certainly afford to hand out some freebies. The Fall Guys Prickles skin obviously resembles a potted cactus, but if that look doesn’t match your style, there’s plenty more to afford. The 5,000 Kudos is enough to buy any uncommon skin, but the rares and better will still set you back. There’s all plenty of new skins in the works, so you may consider holding on to those Kudos to see what comes next in the shop. Just earlier today, the game unveiled a Team Fortress 2 collaboration, and it seems that other companies are lining up as well.


If you’re still thinking of picking up Fall Guys and want to get in on these free rewards, you have until 11:59 PM ET tonight to login. The game is available on Steam and costs $19.99 USD for the basic version. Mediatonic looks committed to long-term support for Fall Guys game has already put out its first patch to deal with bugs and even add some new content. The Prickles skin can also be purchased in the shop if you don’t get it free this week.

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