Fall Guys Season 5 Gameplay Trailer Release Date

Mediatonic fully unveiled the jungle today with the full-length Fall Guys Season 5 trailer, extended preview, and release date. There’s a lot of new content to digest, so get ready to explore the details. Today’s Fall Guys Season 5 livestream revealed six new levels (or Rounds, officially speaking), what to expect in the next season pass, playlist updates, limited-time rewards, and the July 20 release date.

The most exciting news should be the large list of new levels that will expand upon the gameplay. The lack of levels in the original release of Fall Guys was a complaint of many players. Of course, Mediatonic has staffed up significantly and gained support from Epic Games since then to accommodate the demand. Now that we’re getting larger releases and more updates, it should help to keep things fresh for daily players.


The six new levels all seem to have a different focus for level design. You’ll swing through trees, escape from rhinos, explore temples, and bounce your way to victory. As you can see from the trailer, there’s a clear Indiana Jones inspiration for the temple. Interestingly enough, it seems the bean is needed to escape the temple after claiming the Crown. Whether that translates to gameplay is a different story.

Fall Guys Season 5 Levels Release Date

Well, look at you

There are also some distinct new looks for you to acquire. Some are a bit out there while others kind of fit the theme. Fall Guys has no shortage of skins, though, and it’s all about looking the way you want anyways.

Team players will no doubt be glad to hear about the new playlists coming. There will be limited-time Duos and Trios modes to enjoy with squads. You’ll also be able to earn exclusive rewards for your wins and progress in these modes. Mediatonic plans to share more information later about what exactly those rewards and events will entail.

Fall Guys Season 5 Gameplay Trailer Release Fame Path Pass

Mediatonic also teased that some “special guests” are on the way which seems to imply more skin crossovers. Indiana Jones seems like an obvious one, but him as a bean sounds terrifying if we’re being honest. Horrors aside, there will be some stability improvements you can also look forward to. Hopefully all of your stumbles only apply to your bean and not your PC hardware.

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