June 22nd, 2017

Fallen empire: Imperium Galactica on hold

Imperium Galactica

Hungarian developer Digital Reality have stated that their new Imperium Galactica game has been put on hold.

According to CEO András Peller, the decision to put the game on hold was made due to “professional considerations” and had nothing to do with financial reasons. Apparently, the development wasn’t going well enough to justify continuing on with it at this point.

The last we heard of Imperium Galactica was at the start of the year, when the team showed off their Stargazer engine.

Digital Reality is a rather old developer, as far as it goes in the gaming industry. Their first game was 1994’s Reunion, and that was followed up by the well-received Imperium Galactica and Imperium Galactica 2, as well as the not-quite-as-well-received Haegemonia. Since then, they fell out of the limelight a little, but did work on the rather good SkyDrift as well as a few titles – like Sine Mora – with Grasshopper Manufacture.

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