It’s been a rough time for Fallout fans lately. First they were fooled by the infamous Survivor 2299 hoax, then the game was confirmed to be coming by Bethesda. Since then fans have been scouring the net in the hope that they might find some details on the next Fallout, and it seems they might have found something.

Recently, a new listing on IMDB appeared and was called Fallout: Shadows of Boston. Could this be Fallout 4 or something else entirely? Details on the game are scarce but according to the listing it will be released in 2017 and obviously would be set in Boston.

What makes this such an interesting find is the fact that documents were recently leaked that revealed that the next Fallout would indeed be set in Boston so this adds weight to the theory. Could this be s legit find or another cruel hoax? Here’s hoping it’s for real.

Check out the page here.

Source: Gamer Headlines

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