June 22nd, 2017

Fangs bared: Space Hulk expanding with Fangs of Fenris campaign

Space Hulk - SpaceWolvesAnnouncement

Recent digital board game conversion Space Hulk will be expanding later this year with the Space Wolves and their Fangs of Fenris campaign, and there’s a sale on soon to celebrate.

Fangs of Fenris was a campaign initially published in White Dwarf magazine back in 1996, and offers three new missions for the elite Wolf Guard Terminators to battle through. They’ll have a few new weapons of their own, too: the Frost Blade, Frost Axe, and Wolf Claws. We don’t know exactly when it’ll be appearing – late 2013 is all developer Full Control are saying – nor do we know whether it’ll be a paid expansion or if it’ll be free, but fans of the Sons of Fenris should be fairly pleased anyway.

If you‘re curious about Space Hulk, it’ll be 33% off for 24 hours on both Steam and the official website on 12 October. That’s this Saturday, calendar fans. That’s between around £12 and £15 depending on whether you grab it from the official site or Steam, maths fans.

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