far cry 4 elephants


As well as being able to use tools and learn human languages, elephants can headbutt a jeep further than any other mammal. That’s what I’ve learned from this latest Far Cry 4 trailer about the versatility of Asian elephants, anyway.

It’s also claimed that they crave the taste of human blood, but I think that might be Ubisoft mixing up elephants with vampires again. It’s an easy mistake to make. Remember that Robert Rodriguez film, From Tusk ’til Dawn? Exactly.

Watch the video below for lots of tranquil, David Attenborough-esque shots of majestic elephants tromping around the habitats of Kyrat. You can also watch the video below for lots of all-action shots of elephants smashing military hardware around and stamping on foolish soldiers. Something for everybody to enjoy, there.

Far Cry 4 is coming to the PC on 18 November, unless Ubisoft decide to move it at the last minute or something. That’s also the US release date, so expect the UK/European ones to be a few days later.

Peter Parrish

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