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Who’s a good cat? You are!

The latest trailer rolling out of the Ubisoft trailer production factory is one for Far Cry 4, offering a bit of a glimpse at what you’ll be getting up to in the game. Naturally that makes it slightly spoilery by nature, but it seems alright on that front.

Turns out you’ve shown up in Kyrat to carry out your mother’s dying wish. That wish might be “kill your dad, he’s a jerk,” because Pagan Min doesn’t seem like the friendliest dictator in the world. He stabs people with pens, for starters.

Like most dictators he’s having to deal with rebels, who in this game are going by the name of the Golden Path. Far Cry 4 looks like it’ll be forcing you to mediate between rival Path leaders Amita and Sabal. Knowing left-wing rebel groups, they’re probably arguing over whether Bolsheviks or Mensheviks are best.

Anyway, in between the story snippets there’s a lot of hang-gliding, explosions, booting people out of vehicles, more explosions, cool tigers and then a few more explosions and fire effects for good measure. Looks like a pretty solid continuation of Far Cry 3’s open world hijinx with a few extra activities, basically.

Far Cry 4 is coming to PC on 18 November.

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