Far Cry 6: How to get the Blood Drunk pistol in Jose’s Villa

Far Cry 6 Blood Drunk Unique Pistol Jose's Villa

The nation of Yara is filled with countless armaments for warfare, including unique weapons. The Blood Drunk is one such example. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you get Blood Drunk unique pistol from a Yaran Contraband chest in Jose’s Villa.

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Far Cry 6 Yaran Contraband guide: How to get the Blood Drunk unique pistol in Jose’s Villa

The location of the Blood Drunk unique pistol in Far Cry 6 is Jose’s Villa in Serpentino Park. Serpentino Park itself is a little misleading because Jose’s Villa is on a small island off Madrugada’s southwestern coast. Should you visit it immediately? Well, not really.

I suggest just doing the main storyline arc in Madrugada. After the introductory mission where you’ll meet Espada, you’ll be taken to Montero Farm (your guerrilla base in the region).

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Next, Espada will provide an operation called “Napoleon El Pequeño.” The two of you will sail from Serpentino Park to reach the nearby island. After scouting ahead and clearing the resort, you’re asked to go to Jose’s Villa.

Inside one of the rooms, Espada will find a terminal which she’ll attempt to hack. This room also has the Yaran Contraband chest that contains the Blood Drunk unique pistol.

Far Cry 6 Blood Drunk Unique Pistol Jose's Villa 1

Here are the mods of the Blood Drunk unique pistol in Far Cry 6:

  • Incendiary Rounds – Deals fire damage in a small area; spreads fire that deals damage over time; impairs weapon damage.
  • High Ground – Improves weapon damage to enemies below you.
  • Vampiric Triada – Chance of healing when you deal damage.

The main problem with the Blood Drunk unique pistol is that it permanently has the Incendiary Rounds mod. Sure, it will scorch hostiles that you shoot. But, it also weakens your weapon’s base damage. Basically, you’d end up relying on the damage-over-time (DOT) effect instead of the impact of bullets. At the very least, it has the useful Vampiric Triada mod which can proc and heal Dani.

Far Cry 6 Blood Drunk Unique Pistol Jose's Villa 2

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