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Far Cry 6 rooster locations in El Este and Esperanza

Let’s talk about the rooster locations in the regions of El Este and Esperanza.


La Bala de Plata

Location: Vacia Coast, Sierra Perdida

There’s a place here called Alvarez Farm where you’ll find the crate. If you already made it to the guerrilla base in El Este, you should find a note that starts a Yaran Story called “Man’s Best Enemy.” That quest marker will also lead you to Alvarez Farm where you can do the quest chain to obtain the rooster amigo Chicharron.

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Location: Savannah Fields, Sierra Perdida

Bonnila Farm on the western edge of Savannah Fields.

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El Huervo

Location: Mirador Cape, La Joya

The crate is inside the La Joya Local PDP Offices building. This is one of the locations that you’ll end up visiting while you’re doing the Tourist Trap/Undercover Stud missions that are part of the El Este arc.

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La Bestia Blanca

Location: Roja Bay, West Lado

The closest fast travel point in Esperanza is the Mercurio Mecanico guerrilla hideout. From there, head northwest until you reach the coast. You’ll find the Casas del Lodo Residences, and the crate is inside one of the buildings. There’s also a nearby Treasure Hunt called “The Last One to Leave.”

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