Volvo X Farming Simulator 22
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Giant Software’s Farming Simulator series has garnered a lot of acclaim over the years. As the series grows in size and complexity, Giants has been able to work with a growing number of official brands from all over the world. Now, yet another licensee will soon have its machinery featured in Farming Simulator 22 for the first time. The Swedish-manufacturer Volvo and Giant Software have formally announced their partnership and teased some of the in-game equipment that will be coming to Farming Simulator 22.

While most in the public space know Volvo for its road vehicles, the company’s overall portfolio is far larger than that. Fans of bus and truck simulators very well know that Volvo also produces heavier vehicles, thus explaining its appearance here in Farming Sim.


Heavy lifting

As shown off in the new announcement teaser, a logging crane is seen in action primarily in real-life, but then the scene transitions to some brief in-game footage. While such forestry equipment is not new to the Farming Simulator series, this does at least confirm one of the categories that Volvo’s new virtual machines will occupy in the sim.

In Volvo’s earlier days, it bought out another machinery company that produced tractors. But Volvo of today doesn’t make tractors. What it does specialize in, however, are wheel loaders (like the one shown off in the trailer) and compact track loaders (skid steers).

Giants confirms that it will add more equipment in addition to the Volvo L200H High Lift wheel loader that was featured. This will mark the first time that specifically the Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) branch of the family will be featuring licensed products in a video game. There’s no word yet as to when the new Volvo machines will be trucking their way into Farming Simulator 22, but Giants does at least say the content will arrive “soon.”

The third DLC pack for Farming Simulator 22 will launch later this summer. The sim’s first major expansion will drop sometime in the Fall.

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