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When the name of your game is something like American Truck Simulator, that immediately sets a relatively high level of expectations. True, SCS Software (the studio behind the game) does have quite a prestigious history in the driving-sim genre, so these expectations are pretty standard. That’s why fans of the studio were a bit disappointed at the incredibly tiny roster of drive-able trucks when American Truck Simulator first launched back in early 2016. Thankfully, that roster just grew—even if only a little. A new truck has finally been added to the game: the last-gen Volvo VNL.

Volvo Vnl 2 American Truck Simulator

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

The arrival of the VNL brings the total count of official trucks in the game to five models. That’s still a very small selection, but it’s progress nonetheless. However, the truly sweet part of this deal is that this truck is completely free and will be rolled out to all players by means of a game update.

In American Truck Simulator, the Volvo VNL comes in the 300, 730, and 780 variants. Like the other trucks, there’s also a wealth of customization options, so drivers can fine-tune its look and performance to their personal preference.

According to SCS, the release of the Volvo VNL is only the beginning. The team has confirmed that this year it managed to achieve signing with more truck brands. So, hopes are that the flow of official new truck additions will increase as time goes on.

In the meantime, there’s still an ever-increasing amount of mods for the game both on the Steam Workshop, as well as mod sites across the net. Thus, there is content to seek out if you feel the base game is a bit too ’empty’. Nevertheless, it will be exciting to see how much further SCS will expand American Truck Simulator. 


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