Farming Simulator 22 Clothing Options

As Farming Simulator 22 continues to grow closer to release, the development team over at Giants Software continue to drip-feed new details. The latest announcement goes over the Farming Simulator 22‘s new character creator tool. While this feature has been a part of the series for a few entries, the team has decided to take it up a few notches this time around.

The new character creator tool will now feature more customization options than ever before. This includes new hair and body styles, facial hair, skin tones, and new clothing options. Not only are there new clothing items, but the clothes are branded. Before, this was regulated to just wearing hats from various farming manufacturers. Now, there’s entire branded outfits from the likes of Fendt, Valtra, CLAAS, John Deere, and the like. Thus, players can now show off their manufacturer affiliation in full force.


New threads (and it’s not tires)

The new character creator tool is far more advanced than in past entries. Female farmer models were only just added in Farming Simulator 17, so now that there’s been such a massive upgrade to the system, this is a substantial upgrade.

Farming Simulator 22 Character Editor

Admittedly, most of the gameplay involves playing in third-person view only when operating machinery, so your character model is often not visible outside of viewing them simply sitting down in a machine’s cockpit. So, why the big change? This likely has to do with the new multiplayer mode also getting a big upgrade.

Show-off showcase

Farming Simulator 22 has recently been confirmed to feature cross-play — a series first. When playing in a multiplayer session, character models are seen far more often. Thus, it seems wise to add more character creation options so that players can let their creativity fly.

Beyond the character creator, Farming Simulator 22 will haul in a lot of other new features including built-in seasonal changes, new crop types, revamped graphical effects, the new production chains economy mechanic, and a lot more. The harvest starts on November 22.

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