No Rest For The Wicked Fast Travel
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PSA: You can fast travel anywhere in No Rest for the Wicked

Yes, you read that right.

While No Rest for the Wicked has been released for all of us to try and enjoy, there is a mechanic that probably Moon Studios didn’t intend to release as well. Let us take a look at how you can fast-travel anywhere in No Rest for the Wicked – at least for now.

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How to fast travel in No Rest for the Wicked

While the devs will certainly patch this in the future, fast traveling in No Rest for the Wicked is very simple – and extremely broken. All you have to do is hover at any place on the map and press the left analog stick in your controller. This worked on my Xbox Series X controller and my DualSense controller and it is not doable with a keyboard. You won’t find any in-game indication that you can do so. Moreover, when you access the map, there is no text or prompt that tells you that you can fast travel, which indicates this might be a developer feature or something like that.

No Rest For The Wicked Map 1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This means that if you find yourself stuck at any place on the map, or you find an area that is inaccessible due to you requiring some keys or dropping a ladder of sorts – in the current state of the game – you can just open up your map and hover over the area that you want to travel to. Of course, while this “mechanic” might sound all nice and great, it totally breaks the game entirely. Do you need a key to enter a certain area? No problem, just fast travel. Do you want to explore an area on the other side of the world? I got you, my friend, time for some teleportation!

No Rest For The Wicked Skip
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You will probably end up finding enemies that are far more powerful than you and you will spoil a lot of the game, but hey, it is possible at the moment. If you want to have some unintentional fun, then by all means, try this at least once. For the sake of the game, though, I hope the developers patch this as soon as possible. Thankfully, this is just an Early Access release, so let’s hope that No Rest for the Wicked does not become No Limits for the Lazy – get it?

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