Fastest ways to reach the Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy

Fastest ways to reach the max level in Hogwarts Legacy

XP farming to the max.

Reaching the Level 40 cap in Hogwarts Legacy can be quite a challenge. But what are the best ways to reach that level? There are plenty of activities to engage in that will give you XP to gain higher levels, but only certain ones give you the best bang for your buck. Since each level gained raises your max health and rewards you with Talent Points, leveling up is a very important feature. If you want to know the fastest ways to reach the max Level in Hogwarts Legacy, continue reading.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Fastest ways to reach the max level

There are many different tactics for gaining XP, but there are only certain ways to gain high XP fast. The first and probably quickest way to level up in Hogwarts Legacy is by completing any of the three Battle Arenas available.

Partaking in the Battle Arenas

Fastest ways to reach the Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena

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If you own the Deluxe Edition or the Dark Arts DLC pack of Hogwarts Legacy, one of the features available is the Dark Arts Battle Arena. But every version of this game includes two other Battle Arenas. After each wave of enemies is defeated, it will reward you with XP. Each wave gets tougher than the next, but the XP rewards are worth every ache and bruise. I’ve seen XP gains reach numbers from 20 all the way to 80 per wave.

While you can’t earn an unlimited amount of XP, you can still retry these Battle Arenas plenty of times. You will stop gaining XP from killing these enemies once all the combat Challenges are completed. Luckily, there are a few other great ways to reach Max Level fast in Hogwarts Legacy.

Collect Field Guide Pages

Fastest ways to reach the Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Page

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Whether you’re casting Accio to catch a flying page, or using Revelio to find one, Field Guide Pages are some of the best ways to gain XP fast. Each page you find rewards you with 80 XP, and since there are over 100 in the Hogwarts castle and many more in Hogsmeade, you can do the math on how much XP you can earn.

There are a few other spells used to collect Field Guide Pages. Using Lumos to solve the Moth Painting puzzles gives you a Field Guide Page. Casting Levioso on the statues holding an orb reveals Pages, and so does casting Incendio on the dragon braziers.

Solve the Merlin Trials

Fastest ways to reach the Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial

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There are many fun puzzles hidden in the outskirts of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. One of which are puzzles called Merlin Trials. Look for the icons on your map with the leaf symbol, giving you easy access to quick XP. Solving these puzzles are some of the fastest ways to reach max Level in Hogwarts Legacy, so don’t ignore them.

Each trial is different, but all of them force you to use certain spells to figure out the solution. Once you complete a trial, you gain 80 XP. Not only that, but you also gain more Gear Slots by finishing these puzzles. There are 95 Merlin Trials awaiting their completion across the open world, which sounds like a lot of XP.

Catch creatures and beasts

Fastest ways to reach the Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy Catch Beasts

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All throughout The Highlands in Hogwarts Legacy, you can find many beast dens filled with unique creatures. Interacting with these beasts can only be done after completing ‘The Elf, The Nab-Sack and the Loom,’ which is the 24th main quest.

Once you acquire a Nab Sack, you can collect beasts you see out in the wild and in dens. Every creature you collect gains you 30 XP. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but seeing as there are multiple beasts per den, that can get you closer to max level fast.

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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