Contests are a way a life. Enter ours for a Steam Early Access key of Fate Hunters.

    It’s tough for indie devs out there. I can’t tell you how many I’ve come across in my short journey in the games industry that have told me as much. You’re either stuck in the shadow of a giant in the genre or always trying to play catch-up with competitors with more money and resources. Let’s just say I’m glad I’m on this side of the business.

    With that in mind, let’s throw some love to an indie game in the collectible card game genre. Enter our contest for your chance to win a copy of Fate Hunters from indie developer Tower Games.

    Fate Hunters

    Fate Hunters is a fantasy roguelike card game where the wrong deck could spell disaster. Build your deck using over 100 of hand-drawn cards to tackle the mysterious tower and all the horrors within. Each run is randomized, so you’ll need to stay on your toes and adjust your strategy as new enemies, traps, and obstacles look to put an early end to your quest. With 30 different enemies, 10 unique bosses, and a new tower for each playthrough, Fate Hunters will test your skills at every turn.

    Will you defy your fate?

    How to win

    To get your hands on this deck, use the widget below to drop your name and email address. Then, if you’re feeling generous, give the staff here at PCI a boost by following us on Twitter and sharing with your friends. It’s your fate! Get it? Fate? Is this thing on?

    We have 10 Steam Early Access keys to give out to you guys. Our winners will be drawn on Thursday, October 18.

    Fate Hunters is available now on Steam Early Access. Head over to Destructoid for more chances to win.

    Win roguelike CCG Fate Hunters from PC Invasion

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