The wait for Watch Dogs wouldn’t be so bad if we could try it out, right? Well, that’s too bad.

Watch Dogs creative director Jason Morin has just confirmed that a demo has not been planned for release.

Of course, the unfortunate consequences of this is it makes fans suspicious if Ubisoft is hiding something from consumers by not making a demo available beforehand. Of course, the more well read among gamers will know to look up Metacritic and review scores before they make their purchase, but we don’t all do that, whether by ignorance, lack of resources, etc.

We wish we were not being cynical about this, but with the answer framed this way, it really does nothing to assuage waiting fans. Maybe the communication could do some work, but ultimately, we’ll all be on the lookout for the game’s release to see how good – or otherwise – it will really be.

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