FGC Debating Kokonoe Ban in BlazBlu Tournaments

Banning characters is a contentious topic in the FGC, or fighting game community. As a rule, it’s better to keep all the characters playable in a game, including the most powerful ones, so that their weaknesses can be exposed in competitive play. However, there have been cases where bans push through, because weaknesses are hard to find, it is affecting the balance of competitive play, or a combination of both.

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Now, in the Blazblu: Chronophantasma scene, smaller tournaments have been banning Kokonoe in tournaments. This has led to two major tournament organizers, Alex JeBailey and Alex Valle investigating if a ban is justified. JeBailey held an online poll and released results, and top player Bang from Japan revealed his thoughts, as translated by fellow Jiyuna.

For now, it appears Jebailey and Valle will allow Kokonoe in their respective tournaments, CEO and TRB, respectively. Both have asked players to show them Kokonoe’s power, and demonstrate in tournament why the character should be banned.

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