fifa 14 ultimate team world cup

Coming soon, but not yet.

The cards are apparently still being shuffled, because FIFA 14’s World Cup mode for Ultimate Team has been delayed by EA Sports. Currently, the delay is indefinite, but a forum post on the subject encourages people to keep an eye on the EA Sports FIFA twitter account for further updates.

According to EA, “as we progressed through final testing we encountered unforeseen issues that would affect all users who downloaded the update, so it’s important to address them first before release.

A further update on the progress being made towards release is expected “tonight” (Thursday evening) via the twitter channel linked above. It was originally scheduled to launch on 29 May.

Update: Here’s the latest word from EA Sports: “Our team is making good progress on the FUT World Cup & World Cup Kick Off update for FIFA 14. We’re doing everything we can to launch it tomorrow [30 May], with World Cup Kick Off likely launching earlier in the day.”

Update 2: It’s available now.

World Cup mode will add players from all 32 nations taking part in the tournament to a special, stand-alone FIFA 14 Ultimate Team mode. When it’s released, that is.

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