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FIFA 18 PC patch rolls out to fix keepers, shot accuracy and more

FIFA 18 has been out for a few days now and EA has kicked out the first major update for the footy game after its rocky launch last week.

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As far as gameplay is concerned, goalkeepers have been tweaked, Amateur and Semi-Pro difficulties have been “tuned down”, and in certain situations shot accuracy has been reduced and goalkeeper reaction times have been increased. That’s broadly what people have been asking for (placed shots, in particular, seemed too hard for keepers to deal with); hopefully it hasn’t gone too far the other way now.

FIFA Ultimate Team also gets a few fixes and new functionality has been added including missed shots and hidden timeline. Meanwhile, the FIFA 18 Career Mode now gives the option to delegate contract renewals and users can renegotiate contracts with a player whose release clause has been paid.

Pro Clubs has got a bit of love too. EA say they’ve fixed the issue where “a player could return to an invisible lobby after a match”.

There are also changes to the Journey. You’ll now see little icons during cinematic interludes, denoting whether something you’re seeing is a result of your in-game actions. Things like ‘Player Performance’ and ‘Personality’ will pop up as indicators. The full list of changes can be found over on EA’s site.

Peter is still in the middle of his review session as the code only came in on release day, but he says he should have a review ready for you all soon. Stay tuned for that.


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