FIFA 18 reveals Ultimate Scream Team for Halloween

Everybody and their pumpkin does a Halloween themed event these days, and even FIFA 18 want some of that All Hallows action. To that end, a ‘Scream Team’ will be available in Ultimate Team packs between now and 29 October.

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There are 23 players in all (see the image below, and click for a larger version) who’ll be getting a ‘scary’ boost for this period. Their cards will also be presented in a fetching orange and black colour scheme. What does Carrasco turn into when it’s a full moon? Well, just a better version of Carrasco to be honest. Nobody in FIFA 18 is getting the ability to drain blood or anything, sorry.

Beyond the player boosts, there will be “scream themed” Squad Building Challenges to complete, and that’s about it. Oh, there’s also going to be a spider-web themed kit available during this period. You can see an image of that below, too. The perfect chance to live out your fantasies of being a football playing Spiderman.

There’s supposed to be a dedicated page up for this event, but at the time of writing it seems to be down. If it ever shows up, it should be available here.

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