An unlikely party? Not in Lego world.

Funcom is now in the amazing position to be able to work on a Lego-Illuminati crossover, as the developer has both The Secret World and the newly announced Lego Minifigures Online in its catalogue. That … may never happen, so for now let’s concentrate on what Lego Minifigures Online will actually offer people.

Plenty of character variety, for a start. The game will launch with over one hundred collectible Minifigures in the game with more (inevitably) planned. You’ll even be able to buy physical Minifigures and input a code to use their virtual equivalent in the game as part of a scheme known as “a license to print money.” Whether you’re controlling an Aztec Warrior or a Plumber, each figure will have their own movesets and characteristics.

The MMO itself sounds like a kind of action-RPG thing, mixed with a bit of single button building shenanigans familiar to players of the TT Games Lego titles. You can have three Minifigure characters on the go at once (with the ability to hotswap between them,) and bits of new ‘figs will be dropped by bosses.

That obviously lends itself to co-operative play, but player-vs-player will be in there too: “where you must build towers, traps, mines and turrets while taking on the enemy.”

Funcom plans to release Lego Minifigures Online in the “second half” of 2014 (though no doubt there will be earlier betas and the like.) You can read more at the game’s official site or watch a farting ice-skater in the trailer, below.

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