Final Fantasy Versus XIII Information Ban to Be Lifted Soon

It seems that after a very long wait, 7 years now to be exact, the highly elusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII will finally receive the full announcement alongside plentiful details that the fans have been crying out for the best part of a decade now.

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In a recent internet radio show the games director, Tetsuya Nomura revealed that despite the lengthy wait for info, we would indeed be getting some new details in the future. In fact he mentioned that they finally have a confirmed date internally for lifting the information ban. Unfortunately Nomura didn’t clarify just when this would be, but it wouldn’t be far fetched for the date to coincide with this years E3 or Tokyo Game Show.

tetsuya-nomura_52“Any information about Versus is very… sensitive, even within the company. We’ve been quiet about it for the past year, but the day of being able to remove its information ban has already been decided, and we’re currently preparing for that day.” – Tetsuya Nomura

Nomura also hinted that there was something more at play behind the games delayed announcement than simply a lengthy development, but stated that we would be given a full explanation alongside the full reveal.

“When that time comes, we’ll also reveal our reason for the delay of any form of announcement.” – Tetsuya Nomura

Lastly, Nomura also took the time to apologize for building up the fans hopes last year when he promised that we would get details before the end of 2012. However this went unfulfilled and despite his role as the director, it also seems that the responsibility was far out of his control as well.

“Last year we didn’t announce anything about the game, To be honest, I talked about releasing new info, but wasn’t able to, and I’d like to apologize for that.” – Tetsuya Nomura


One thing I personally noticed from all of his comments during the interview is that there seems to be a lot of talk about the lack of permission to release the information. Yet with the next generation of consoles right around the corner it seems that we’re finally getting closer to hearing about Versus. It could just be pure coincidence, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Final Fantasy Versus XIII revealed as a next gen title at one of the coming conventions.

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