Final Fantasy Versus XIII Rumor Debunked

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As you may remember, very recently there was a rumor swirling around the internet about the development status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which led to rumors from both sides either stating the project had been cancelled or that it was still on course for release. We then followed up with an article giving a view from both sides, and explaining why it’s always worth waiting to hear from the officials rather than jumping to conclusions.

And here’s exactly why you should always reserve judgement. CEO of Square-Enix, Yoichi Wada, decided to make a comment via Twitter today, shortly after leaving a meeting where the focus point was Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Here’s what Wada had to say:

“There’s someone making a false rumor that Versus was cancelled. Haha…Just a minute ago, the regular Versus meeting ended. If you saw the presentation of the city, it’d knock you off your feet~lol”

I would now imagine that it’s a pretty safe bet to say that we will see an appearance from Final Fantasy Versus XIII at either the upcoming Final Fantasy anniversary event, or Tokyo Game Show.


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