Final Fantasy VII PC release pulled thanks to misfiring DRM

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Square’s PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII, a project that seems to exist purely for the pun potential surrounding the new ‘Cloud saves’ feature, was released early over the weekend, but swiftly pulled due to DRM issues. Specifically, it seems the SecuROM server was refusing to recognise serial keys entered by those who’d bought the game.

Of course, if the title was released too early by accident, it’s possible the necessary SecuROM servers weren’t even up yet.

As a result, the title is no longer available to download through Square Enix’s online site (the only place you’ll be able to get this re-issue, for now) and the release date has been altered to “coming soon”.

When it returns, the re-release will feature achievements, cloud saves (ho ho) and a pseudo cheat-trainer system that’ll allow you to boost HP, MP and Gil if you run into problems. The people who managed to purchase it over the weekend are reporting a price of $12.70 USD.

Source: Square Enix Forum

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