Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets a PC-specific trailer

Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets a PC-specific trailer
final fantasy xiii-2
Well that was just clumsy, wasn’t it, Noel?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has got a trailer just for the PC port, although you’ll be hard-pressed to notice too many differences.

The trailer itself is at 720p (which seems like a bit of a missed opportunity, considering Final Fantasy XIII was, depressingly, locked to that resolution), and as with almost every trailer out there, it’s also locked at 30FPS. As such… well, except for the text at the end which mentioned “Now with a host of new features and enhancements” you’d be forgiven for thinking it was just footage from the console version.

If I remember Final Fantasy XIII-2 correctly, this trailer is pretty much footage taken from the opening minutes of the game. You’ve got glimpses of Serah and Noel, and quite a lot of Lightning fighting Caius. As such, this is probably more a trailer for those who never played Final Fantasy XIII-2 on its original console release.

Square are promising that the Final Fantasy XIII-2 port will be better than the atrocious Final Fantasy XIII port, but we’ll find out for sure on 11 December. And yes, I’ll be doing another impressions piece once it’s out, so I’ll let you know how it stacks up.

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