June 22nd, 2017

Final Fantasy XIV still having problems after server maintenance

final fantasy 14 servers

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is still suffering the same woes, despite a spot of server maintenance aimed at fixing these issues. Yesterday, Square Enix told the world that a bit of server maintenance – running from 5pm PDT last night to 3am PDT this morning – would allow more logins, open more Worlds, and reduce the stress on the servers. It’s entirely possible that these things have been improved, but, um… I still can’t log in.

Following the download of a 1GB patch, I tried logging into Final Fantasy XIV not five minutes before the posting of this article… only for the game to close, telling me that it couldn’t connect to the server lobby. After restarting the game, I was allowed to click the “Start” button! Which gave me the above error message, telling me it can’t update the NA/EU servers.

Now, in fairness, it’s entirely possible that I’m the only one suffering this problem right now. It’s entirely possible that the number of people experiencing this problem are far more limited. It’s also entirely possible (and, based on my own experience, more likely) that very little has changed. Are you still having issues?

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  • Tim McDonald

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    • sorudo

      so, still enjoying this game?
      if you really want to play such a game you’re better off with raiderZ, it’s the same boring quest system but you have at least a fun battle system and plenty of armor choice.

      • Jon

        yes, lets all go play a crappy, unpopulated, poorly designed version of Final Fantasy 14! You were that kid whos mom could never get to Toys R Us in time for power rangers and had to settle for my little pony, aren’t you?

        • sorudo

          1.) thanks for close capturing your lack of respect to others
          2.) beside the combat system and armor choices, FFXIV is exactly the same.

          or are you that kid that got everything you asked from mom and every time your mom said “no” you screamed your lungs dry till she finally gave in?

    • Aaron

      Let me preface this by saying I am a Ff fanboy. This release may, however, be the straw that broke the camels back for me on SE. I’m done. What irritates me almost as much as these launch issues are that as soon as you voice your frustration on a forum or the like, you are attacked for being pissed off that something bought doesn’t work. It’s comical in a way. Sony has begun issuing refunds on people who bought digital copies in Europe. I hope they do the same with NA. What’s even more mind bottling (you know where it’s crazy and gets your thoughts all crazy like they’re trapped in a bottle) is the fact that SE said that a mistake like the first release of FFXIV who destroy the company. Now I’m not saying these issues are the same as version 1.0, but wouldn’t you think a billion dollar company would do everything in their power to ensure a fairly decent launch?

      focker out.

      • drakulus23

        I’m not a FF fanboy by any means but at least Raider Z is playable. I’m glad I didn’t buy this game. I knew this would happen again and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be fixed anytime soon. I actually wrote a article on most of the problems that are in the game on my website. Check it out if you’re curious https://drakulus.com/?s=final+fantasy+14&submit=Search. I warned my viewers against this game for the time being. If they ever fix it I might post another article but as of right now there are plenty of better MMO’s out there for everyone to play.

      • Nero

        Everytime a mmorpg comes out there are few problems with servers capacity, they didn’t expect the game to do so good after the first mess they did. It’s not like the game is bad, it’s amazing actually, and btw since the maintenance i haven’t encountered any error.

    • Cheryl

      Had log on issues since day one and after maintenance they are still here….. Get put into a Q then 1007 error – sometimes its nothing then Error. I quit after the first one failed but came back to give it another go. Not happy at all atm. Yes I am a massive FF Fan but this has just thrown me.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      Really interesting to see SE are handing out refunds, my friend managed to get online and play, but not sure if he got online this week.