May 27th, 2017

First Dirty Bomb gameplay footage and Founder’s Club launched. More please!

Last night we re-installed Quake Wars again here at IncGamers. Having spent months trying to find anything with gameplay that was as engrossing, we bit the bullet and dug around for the old CDs. Thankfully, the recently announced Dirty Bomb is also in the works, and by the looks of things, Quake Wars could get consigned to the archives again in the not too distant future.

Today Splash Damage released the first gameplay video for their online only PC shooter which looks to include many of the features that made Quake Wars such a great game. Dirty Bomb will feature five classes, Medic, Engineer, Soldier, Field Ops and Sniper. Sound familiar?

Splash Damage has also launched the he Dirty Bomb giving early supporters access to the Beta test as well as extra bonuses such as Founder’s Mercs, limited edition soundtrack, gun tags and a T-shirt if you go for the Legendary package.

When the game launches, the core game will be completely free. This will include core character classes mentioned above, maps, clan support and tournament play.

Based on the information posted, it sounds like Splash Damage are going to push into the eSports arena with this one. Better get back into Quake Wars then and start practicing so I can make my millions.

To sign-up and see the full details of the Founder’s Club, head to the website.

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