How to fix the difficulty bug in God of War Ragnarok

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God of War Ragnarok released to plenty of critical acclaim and commercial success. Players have dove in to enjoy the sequel to God of War (2018) using their preferred difficulty setting and other accessibility options. However, some players who are finding the game too easy or too difficult and wish to change the difficulty have run into a problem. Namely, there is a bug preventing players from changing the difficulty in God of War Ragnarok.

This is undoubtedly frustrating for players who wish to enjoy the game using their preferred level of challenge. Thankfully, some methods to fix this glitch appear to be working and we’ll run through them here for you so you won’t have to wait for the next patch from Santa Monica Studio instead.

How to fix God of War Ragnarok’s difficulty bug

There are a few potential options to fix the difficulty bug in God of War Ragnarok. Firstly, we recommend going into your pause menu and restarting your save from the most recent checkpoint. After the game has loaded the most recent checkpoint, try changing the difficulty option in the settings once more.

If this method does not work, then try to close the game entirely and start it again from your PlayStation dashboard. These two options should be the first that you try, and it’s possible that you may have already tried them to no avail. If that is the case, try starting the game and changing your difficulty level, but confirm this using the touch pad rather than pressing X. After that, press X to confirm the change and try this a few times to see if it works.

Finally, some players have reported that changing the difficulty in the settings menu and then changing any other option in the settings menu using the touch pad has resolved this bug. If all else fails, you may have to restart the entire save file with your preferred difficulty setting or wait until the developer releases an official patch for this bug.

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