Football Manager 2014 14.3.1 update fixes transfer time travel

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I’m here from the future to tell you not to sell me to Brentford. Oh balls, too late.

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Sports Interactive has released a mini update for Football Manager 2014, preparing it for PSVita cross-saves and improving some stability. The Vita version comes out on 11 April and allows you to share saves from the Football Manager Classic mode.

If you’ll be sticking with just the PC version, there are still a couple of notable fixes. Apparently, pre-14.3.0 saves could fail due to changes to “the French discipline rule,” but this should no longer be the case. The data was presumably getting alarmed by too many French players spending time with a dominatrix. Or maybe it related to red and yellow card bans. Yes, probably that.

But that’s not the best change. That honour goes to “Fixed rare cases of future transfer join dates reverting to year 1900.” Finally, those time travelling transfer deals have been all sorted out.

Here’s the full list. The game should update itself automatically on Steam.

Football Manager 2014 – 14.3.1 Update Change List

– Enabled PS Vita Cross-Save functionality

– Fixed rare crash when adding player to transfer target/development list
– Fixed rare crash on continue
– Fixed examples of pre-14.3.0 saves failing due to French discipline rule change

– Fixed edited teams being extracted into wrong division
– Fixed edited names not saving correctly

– Fixed rare cases of future transfer join dates reverting to year 1900
– Improved player interest AI after declaring interest

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