July 7th, 2017

Football Manager 2014 beta goes live

Football Manager 2014 blade

Did you pre-order Football Manager 2014? Are you ready for the beta? Today the beta test for SI’s next instalment in the footy management series has gone live.

The game is due out in a couple of weeks, 31 October, and this is a fully-playable version which the main career mode and Football Manager Classic. As we all know the game can be a time sink and the good news is that careers started in the beta version can be carried over to the final game when it’s released.

Access to the beta is still available through pre-orders  and rather unusually for a beta, this test version can be played until the Monday after the final game is released (4 November).

We’ll be cracking on with our full review of the game and I can already hear Peter reaching for sheepskin coat.

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