Football Manager 2014 a half priced transfer bargain at GamersGate today

Football Manager 2014 blade

Now you too can shout and point at useless sportsmen.

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You know how it is, you go into the January transfer window all excited and your club comes out with a crocked Kim Kallstrom. Or you support someone in the lower leagues and they sell all their best players for crisp money. The real life window may be closed in England, but you can still get something of a Football Manager 2014 bargain at GamersGate.

For the next day or so (one day and fifteen hours at the time of writing,) Sports Interactive’s latest is 50% off. That’s $25.00 USD in Major League Soccer money.

Not a bad price for Football Manager 2014, and you won’t even have to negotiate away an irritating agent’s fee. The latest patch news for the game is here, and you can read the IncGamers review from last year over here.

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