Football Manager 2015 hotfix 15.1.3 helps keepers stand up faster

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Maybe if he’d stood up faster this wouldn’t have happened.

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A small but notable patch has been applied to Football Manager 2015 today, helping (among other things) to get keepers back on their feet quicker. You’ve probably noticed that after making a save even the better goalkeepers can take a while to get back up again; this patch should improve post-save recovery times.

The patch is about 25mb in size and should have downloaded automatically when you started Steam up today. If not, try restarting the client of verifying the game cache (right-click on Football Manager 2015, Properties, Local Files tab, Verify Integrity).

Here’s a list of what’s changed or been added:


Tweaked some defensive play
Fixed some keeper issues, including, but not limited to:
Not reacting quickly enough after a save
Some instances of not holding an easy ball
Some instances of parrying the ball into goal
Not kicking the ball quickly when being closed down


Optimised processing performance on certain Mac hardware
Fixed rare crash on continue

You can check you have the latest version by looking at “About Football Manager” from the in-game ‘FM’ drop-down menu. If your version numbers compare to these ones, you have the latest release: FM2015 15.1.3 MEv1534

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