Football Manager 2021 Beta

All players who have pre-purchased Football Manager 2021 from a digital retailer approved by SEGA can now access the beta through Steam or the Epic Games Store. You can check out the extremely long list of approved retailers here. Alternatively, you can simply pick up the football management sim through Steam or the Epic Games Store.

Anyone who purchases Football Manager 2021 from now until the full release will get access to the closed beta. So, don’t panic if you want in but haven’t picked up a copy yet. Best of all, Football Manager 2021 is available for 10% less than its retail price between now and the game’s launch on November 24.

In the press release, SEGA describes the pre-release beta as a “near complete, but not quite final” version of the game. As a result, you may still encounter a few bugs and issues while playing. The pre-release beta includes online play. However, it does not include access to the Steam Workshop or the game editors. Those will become available after launch.

New tools for managerial trade

As with each iteration of Football Manager, the latest version seeks to give players a more complete and robust experience managing their favorite football teams. Football Manager 2021 will give players more control of their team on and off the pitch than ever before. There are new gameplay systems, more in-depth analyses, and more information available to managers.

Football Manager 2021 Player Assessment

The player interactions with the media have been completely overhauled to give a more true-to-life experience. Football Manager 2021 also adds pre-game and post-match events. Plus, there have been some graphical and presentation improvements. So, whether your team wins or loses, they’ll at least look better while doing it. When you reach the end of the season, you will also have some new ways to celebrate your success.

Football Manager 2021 Media

Don’t worry about hopping into the beta now and then having to start over after the Football Manager 2021 full release. All single-player careers can be carried across to the full game. If you’d like some more information about Football Manager 2021, have a browse around the game’s official website.

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