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Foreclosed was announced several months back. I love a narrative-focused cyberpunk game, and the premise is intriguing, so I’ve naturally been keeping an eye on it. Well, my focus has been rewarded, as the release date for Foreclosed just been announced. It won’t be long until we’re sneaking, looking for evidence, and probably leaving chaos in our wake in a dystopian future, as the game is coming out on pretty much every platform on August 12. Yes, that includes Stadia. On PC, the game will launch on both Steam and EGS simultaneously, so you’ll be able to pick briefly before you choose Steam.

The game tells the story of Evan Kapnos, an ordinary citizen who happens to live in a dystopian hellscape. In the world of Foreclosed, identities literally get foreclosed, which is precisely what befalls our protagonist. This could lead to him losing his brain implants and his job. If he gets caught, he’ll be stripped for his spare parts, so he has to escape the city while working to unravel the conspiracy surrounding this unfortunate turn of events. It’s a very Philip K. Dick setup, but that’s a good thing. That man wrote some great stuff.


Foreclosed is about to be open for business

The art style of Foreclosed shows off a conscious effort to resemble a graphic novel. The game has panels and onomatopoeias onscreen regularly, but it still has plenty of nifty, futuristic action and adventure. It even has interactive cutscenes. Take a look at the trailer, which shows the game’s visual style, as well as gameplay sequences featuring stealth and third-person shooting. We’ll have more on Foreclosed when the release date draws closer, as we’re making sure to play all of the dystopian games that we can. You know, to be ready for the eventual hellscape that will dominate us all.


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