Forspoken: How to beat Apsaravis – Secret boss guide

Forspoken Apsaravis Secret Boss Guide Nowhere
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Apsaravis is a secret boss in Forspoken. This cross between a dragon and a bird can be found in Nowhere, a distant zone in the far north of the world map, which happens to have multiple jumping puzzles. Here’s our Forspoken Apsaravis secret boss guide to help you defeat this opponent in Nowhere so you can acquire a Nail Pattern.

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Forspoken Apsaravis secret boss guide (Nowhere)

Once you arrive at the Nowhere zone in Forspoken, you’ll see the Apsaravis arena just beyond the Refuge. There are bony protrusions, which you can use to grapple across. When you’re ready, move to the ruins and open the chest. Apsaravis will suddenly spawn via a cutscene.

The Apsaravis secret boss in Forspoken uses the following abilities:

  • Sand Blast – Drills toward the ground and creates an eruption of sand in a wide area.
  • Lightning Streak – Charges up and causes two lightning strikes to fork away from each other.
  • Poison Bombardment – Flies around and drops multiple poison globules. These will also lower your attack and defense if you get hit.
  • Megaton Bomb – This is the boss’ ultimate ability, which it uses from time to time. When you see electricity forming around it while it’s spinning, you need to move behind the ruin’s walls. After a couple of seconds, it will fire a gigantic orb that will cause a massive explosion. If you’re hit, it will trigger Last-Chance Block, meaning you just suffered fatal damage. The next time a strong attack hits will instantly kill you (unless the internal cooldown is refreshed).

Your best bet when dealing with this opponent is using the ruins to your advantage, since the walls act as cover. Likewise, Apsaravis is weak against the Water element, so you might want to use the best Blue Magic spells like Fan Bolt. Even a single arrow that strikes it can cause decent damage. As an aside, its Lightning Streak animation will cause it to move closer to the ground for a few seconds. It’s risky, but you can try to pop Maelstrom, which has multiple ticks that will whittle down its HP. Lastly, if it takes enough damage, it’ll also crash down on the ground, letting you do a Killer Blow. Don’t forget to pop Maelstrom when this occurs, too.

With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to beat the Apsaravis secret boss in Forspoken. You’ll receive the Escalate Nail Pattern as a reward. It allows you to perform a Killer Blow immediately after landing a first strike.

Forspoken Apsaravis Secret Boss Guide Nowhere 2

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