Forspoken developer getting fully merged into Square Enix as it works on performance and DLC

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When Forspoken dropped earlier this year, many fans and critics alike did not exactly come away impressed. Although some aspects of the gameplay, such as the movement system, did receive praise, many of Forspoken‘s other elements left players with a poor impression. In particular, the dialogue earned a great deal of ire from players for its excessive use of quips and other issues. Despite the middling reception, it appears that it performed well enough for Square Enix to fully merge the Forspoken developer Luminous Productions into the company. This comes almost a year after Square Enix’s decision to sell off some of its major Western IPs, including Tomb Raider and Deus Ex.

Forspoken developer gets fully merged into Square Enix

Luminous Productions went into more detail about the merger in a tweet posted earlier today. The developer stated that the merger will take place on May 1, at which point the companies will work in tandem “to deliver new, innovative gaming experiences to players across the globe.” Luminous will continue pursuing its goal of creating AAA products that provide fresh experiences through their incorporation of tech and artistry.

What will Luminous do until then?

Until the merger goes through, Luminous will direct all of its attention to Forspoken and its post-launch updates. One of those updates will come in the form of ‘In Tanta We Trust,’ a new DLC storyline set before the events of the main campaign. Luminous will shoot for a summer 2023 release window with this DLC, so those interested can anticipate that. Additionally, Luminous will soon share more information on a performance patch that it has planned.

For now, we can only wait and see what the Forspoken developer will have in store for players once it merges with Square Enix in a few months. Hopefully, the developer’s next project will be better received.

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