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Epic Games continues to keep Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 fresh with the regular roll out of new content. Most recently, the Spider-Man crossover was taken to the next level with Amazing Web Week. This allowed you to find Spider-Man’s Web Shooters in chests for the first time. Additionally, bouncers were unvaulted for a limited period. Although this has now come to an end, a new week has begun. This time, we are celebrating chickens with Avian Ambush Week in Fortnite.

Animals, including chickens, first joined Fortnite all the way back in Chapter 2: Season 6. During Avian Ambush Week chickens have taken the top spot in the animal kingdom. You will find more of them around the map, and they will now fight back if attacked. Also, you can use them against enemies, as holding on to a chicken will lead them to peck opponents who are nearby. If that was not crazy enough, you will encounter glowing Loot Chickens who carry loot.


The new and improved chickens are here to stay after Fortnite’s Avian Ambush week

As always, there are a set of challenges to complete during Avian Ambush week. Included is catching a chicken in different matches, flying with a chicken for 20 meters in a single flight, and more. This will allow you to earn more XP towards your battle pass. As we are in the final days of Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1, you will want to get your hands on as much XP as possible. This new week will last until March 15 and a new themed week will begin straight after.

Previous weeks such as Bownanza Week saw the bows temporarily make a return before they were placed back in the vault. However, even after Avian Ambush Week ends, many chickens are remaining to attack enemies and Loot Chickens will continue to roam around the map.


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