Fortnite Battle Royale TV screens show mysterious Llamas. It’s happening!

Fortnite Battle Royale TV screens show mysterious Llamas. It’s happening!

For the past week or so strange things have been happening in Fortnite’s Battle Royale Mode. First, there is the mysterious comet that’s had players puzzled and the general consensus is that Tilted Towers will be destroyed.

Today TVs across the map are now broadcasting a llama image with an emergency broadcast sound. The new image indicates that something will be happening soon as the community is now going into full ARG mode. There’s a downward facing arrow in the bottom right of the screen in-game which some players believe will change to a countdown.


Datamined sounds from patch  v3.6.0 have also been found which are what appears to be meteor impacts. Signs also popped up in Tilted Towers yesterday with the word ‘today’ crossed out to say ‘tomorrow’.

Fortnite 2

Whether Epic will make something happen today remains to be seen but with Season 4 starting on 1 May, all this is likely coinciding with the start of the next season. Is an alien invasion coming?  Will there be the complete destruction of Tilted Towers? Is Epic adding a new map? All these questions will hopefully be answered in the coming days. Just keep an eye on those TVs for changes.

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