Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Wilds trailer debuts, Optimus Prime revealed, Sloane returns

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Jungle Trailer Battle Pass Skins Theme Optimus Prime

It’s nearly that time once again where a new season switches up the theme in Fortnite¬†and official Chapter 4 Season 3 trailer confirmed the Wilds theme. There will be a new jungle point of interest on the map with Raptors lurking about. Optimus Prime is also now confirmed as the level 100 skin for the Battle Pass. Sloane, the leader of the Imagined Order, also reappeared for a brief moment.

We already covered a lot of this in the leaks leading up to this season, but today’s trailer confirmed a few more things. One of the new weapons coming to the game is an automatic rifle similar to some World War I variants and should dish out heavy damage at a moderate rate. Vines are also now confirmed to replace the grind rails in the current season to match with the new theme. Toxic and potentially explosive Fauna also featured in the trailer, though we don’t yet know all the ways players will be able to interact with the environment.

More than meets the eye

There wasn’t actually much substance to the trailer, but Epic does often make a habit out of doing things like this until the imminent release of the new seasons. The leaks mentioned several more weapons, helicopters, travelling “goon” squads, a few more additions.

We’ll find out soon enough though, because the good news is that Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Wilds begins on Friday, June 9 according to the trailer. A full Battle Pass and gameplay trailer is also now scheduled to premiere at 2:00 AM ET. The season should launch at the same time. Additional blog posts should also arrive soon on the official Fortnite news channel.

This isn’t a great launch time for North, Central, and South American audiences, but it at least provides some time to download the new season and rest up. Audiences on other continents will be able to jump into the action without delay.

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