Fortnite Indiana Jones And Charge Submachine Gun

A party has started on the island with the launch of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. There’s a new biome, new points of interest, the continuation of crossovers, and much more. Epic Games has kept the season fresh and, most recently, began Ripsaw Launcher week. Now, the latest Fortnite update has added the Indiana Jones skin and Charge submachine gun, and its taken an item out of the vault.

Every season, the Fortnite battle pass contains a skin that releases a few weeks after the rest of the cosmetics. Fans who have been patiently been waiting to unlock the Indiana Jones skin can now do so. To begin unlocking all of the cosmetics, you will have to work through two pages of challenges. Completing the first page of challenges unlocks the base Indiana Jones skin, and you can then start working on unlocking the Temple Explorer Indiana Jones skin on page two.


Switching up the loot pool in Fortnite

This update placed the Combat submachine guns into the vault. A new submachine gun has joined the island named the Charge submachine gun. To begin charging, hold down the trigger and watch as the bar builds up. The longer you hold your trigger, the more bullets you release once you let go. To get your hands on the latest weapon, be on the look out for it in chests, supply drops, reality saplings, sharks, and as ground loot. In addition, a familiar face has made a return to the loot pool known as the Port-A-Fort. Throwing this item down will instantly build a fort on your position with no actual building required. It’s perfect for getting instant access to some cover or to gain the high ground over an opponent.

It will be interesting to see how the Charge submachine gun fits in with the meta or if the Stinger will remain on top.

Fortnite Charge Submachine Gun

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