Fortnite v3.3 update release has been delayed

Fortnite v3.3 update release has been delayed

Epic has issued a note this evening which states that the Fortnite v3.3 update will not release on Wednesday 14th as planned.

According to Epic, they have “discovered an issue” but they are working to resolve the problem as fast as possible. Updates are expected to appear on their Twitter account once they sort that “issue” out and the patch will probably drop as soon after.

In related news, the 20 vs 20 limited time mode will switch off when v3.3 goes live to enjoy it while you can prior to the patch actually launching.

The 3,3 update removes smoke grenades which will be placed in the vault along with the SMG but they¬†do plan on reworking them. Llamas are being added in the 4.4 update and will act just like treasure chests but we don’t know what these will actually contain as yet. For now, hang on until the patch actually launches.


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