July 21st, 2017

Free games and solid bundles arrive post-Thanksgiving

humble jumbo bundle

If you’re anything like me, the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales probably resulted in you buying so much that you now feel as though you own All Of The Games. In case you want to own more than All Of The Games, the usual suspects have you covered with some rather jolly bundles, while a studio is offering one of their titles for whatever price you fancy. Including Free, which is one of the best prices there is.

First up, those generous types over at Humble Bundle are offering a Humble Jumbo Bundle. Whatever price you want will net you multiplayer shooter/RTS Natural Selection 2, FPS/tower defence Sanctum 2, and accidentally-murder-your-friends-’em-up Magicka (plus Magicka: Vietnam and Magicka: Dungeons & Daemons). Pay over the average – currently $4.12 USD – and you’ll also get hack-and-slash tower defence Orcs Must Die! 2 Complete Pack, absurd physics sandbox Garry’s Mod, and madcap shooter Serious Sam 3: BFE, with more games promised.

Not bad, eh? Well, Indie Gala are competing with a Codemasters bundle that somehow doesn’t offer any racing games. $1 will net you the rather rubbish Damnation and the ridiculously bloody Clive Barker’s Jericho, but paying over the average ($5.03 at the time of writing) will make things a bit more worthwhile. That’ll get you military shooters Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and Operation Flashpoint: Red River, plus the twisted fantasy titles Overlord, Overlord: Raising Hell, and Overlord 2. Again, at least one more title will apparently be added to the bundle.

But maybe you don’t have $5.03 left. Well, multiplayer murder mystery/casual puzzler Blue Toad Murder Files (apparently now just called Murder Files) is offering a pay-what-you-want deal, with the full game available for any price you like. Including free. I recall it being a perfectly decent way to spend a few hours with some like-minded sleuths, so there’s really no reason not to give that a try.

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