While Ubisoft is still reeling from the female playable assassins issue in Unity, a few other devs decided that they would bring some levity to the situation by showing Ubi how it’s done.

First off, Insomniac Games went out of their way to make a hooded white blouse costume for female characters, by way of explaining how you, as the player, can customize your experience in Sunset Overdrive. A little opportunistic, but also smart, and really, really funny.

Following their lead, Breakfall have subsequently revealed that Starwhal: Just The Tip will have playable female assassins too. I hope you don’t mind that their seafaring marine life.

And some people don’t seem to believe them, so to be clear, on Starwhal’s official site they confirm that the game will have costumes.

For the record, nobody seriously thinks Ubi is opposed to female characters in Assassin’s Creed Unity, considering female Assassins are a huge part of the series, and heck, you could play as Aveline! We hope Ubi can come up with a better response to the issue in the coming weeks.

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