Galactic Civilizations Iii Free Epic Games Store

Galactic Civilizations III is free on the Epic Games Store this week, Dandara next week

Okay, here's the plan: blast 'em.

I don’t know about you, but I had a blast quite literally with last week’s free game on the Epic Games Store. Epic offered up the 2017 release Star Wars Battlefront 2, which allowed for some sweet space warfare on Battlefield-sized levels. This week somewhat continues in that vein with a free RTS title called Galactic Civilizations III. You have from now through January 28 at 11 AM ET to claim this game, so don’t dawdle.

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The RTS genre is admittedly past its heyday in terms of popularity, but that hasn’t stopped developers from making some excellent contributions to the ecosystem. Galactic Civilizations III isn’t terribly old either, as it was released in 2015. Okay, that’s a little old, but games from that time period still support a lot of great modern features and graphics, so if you’re remotely interested in Galactic Civilizations III, you should definitely pick it up while it’s free. This particular game is from developer Stardock Entertainment, which owns a host of other popular RTS franchises including Sins of a Solar Empire, Ashes of the Singularity, Star Control, and more. These developers are no amateurs when it comes to real-time strategy games.


Defeat the invaders or become one

Galactic Civilizations III features some complex systems that give the game a great deal of life and immersion. You take on the role of a commander in a galaxy where humanity finds itself suddenly among competing alien races. You’ll use a little diplomacy, espionage, and good ol’ galactic warfare to expand your empire and indulge in unchecked power.

This title totes a long list of selling points, specifically with its replay value and customization options. In addition to building your own ships to let you seemingly branch universes, the game also features a lot of recognizable nods to other popular sci-fi franchises. I noticed the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars in addition to a ship that looked right out of the UNSC fleet from Halo. There’s a lot to see and master in Galactic Civilizations III, so we highly recommend you download it and check it out for yourself. You’ll only need a modest gaming PC to play this game and about 15 GBs of space to store it. If you like what you see, there’s also a whole lot of DLC that Epic typically discounts during the giveaway weeks.

The Epic Games Store has Dandara free next week

There’s no way you’ll come close to mastering Galactic Civilizations III in the span of just one week. However, you may still be wondering what free game will come next to the Epic Games Store. Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition is a complete package of Metroidvanian goodness that should satisfy any fan of the genre. You can learn a little more about it from our previous coverage, but we’ll be sure to talk about it more when it becomes free next week.

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